Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lemony Chicken from Zabadani Cafe

Since I have been to Zabadani plenty of times before, I make it a point to explore other offerings on the menu. Of course, there are old favorites like the Pita Shateerah and Garlic Rib, but it pays to try something new because you'll never know when you'd stumble on to a new foodie favorite.

Such is the case when I've tried Lemony Chicken for the first time. Given that Zabadani is a Halal restaurant, it is not surprising to find plenty of chicken dishes on the menu! You will be surprised at the many different ways that you can enjoy your chicken!

Lemony Chicken consists of grilled Halal fillets of chicken breast. The chicken fillets are seasoned with a special mix of spices, American lemon, parsley, and sprinkled with more spices for that tangy, smoky and peppery touch to its flavor. The plating of this dish also deserves mention. When you have a dish that tastes good and served in a delectable manner, you can't wait to grab hold of your utensils and start to dig in! That's exactly how I felt when the waiter brought this dish to our table. You can order it for two serving sizes: P125 (sagheer or small) or P240 (kabeer or large).

Lemony Chicken is indeed a must-try at Zabadani Cafe, especially for all the chicken lovers out there!

Zabadani Cafe is located at G/F of The Peak at Gaisano Mall, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.

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