Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Aroma: Delighting my Sweet Tooth

On our weekly trip to the grocery store, me and my nephew Andre are always looking for ways to spend time while parents are doing the grocery. Sometimes, we do window shopping, or shopping, but most of the time we eat! Yes, eat! My nephew seem to have inherited my innate love for food, too. The only downside is that it can be hurtful for my pocket to indulge. But when we saw this new stall featuring colorful and pretty cupcakes, I thought to myself heck I'll definitely give those cupcakes a taste, even if it might put a wrench into my budget. 

The stall in question is Sweet Aroma. It wasn't the first time that I spotted them but this is the only time I gave in to my urge to try them. 

Each cupcake costs P45 but we opted for the 3-piece set, which is sold for only P115. You can also order 7 pieces for only P250. Check out these cupcakes we my nephew picked. He ate the two cupcakes like his life depended on it. Judging by that, it must've been really good

I had the chance to sample one and their cupcakes are really excellent. The cupcake mixture is rich and thick. Very chocolate-y, which is why I enjoyed it to the last bite. Their cupcakes and cakes are too cute they make perfect gift ideas! 

Have you tried Sweet Aroma? Check out their stall at Lower Ground Floor of Gaisano Mall, fronting the grocery section.  

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