Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Desserts at Bo's Coffee

I used to frequent coffee shops a lot but recently haven't been able to do so. But during those times when I had the opportunity to sample a few coffee shops, Bo's Coffee stood out for me. They had deliciously brewed coffee and non-caffeinated drinks, together with a selection of drool-inducing pastries, albeit the fact that theirs were slightly more expensive than other coffee shops in Davao.

Thus, I head on over to Bo's Coffee Shop one night after having dinner at California Diner. I had the Cookies 'N Cream chilled drink for PhP150 for the large size and a slice of the Midnight Delight cake. However, Bo's serving is priced quite steeply at PhP 120 and it wasn't even a big slice at all.

I enjoyed the chilled drink to the very last drop, especially because I can taste the huge chunk of cookies with every sip. Plus, that heavy cream on top was pure heaven! It is a non-caffeinated drink, too, which makes it perfect for those who do not drink coffee.

However, the Midnight Delight was a disappointment – not for the quality or taste, but for the price. I heard that most of the cakes served at Bo's are from Lachi's anyway so I could've just head right over to Lachi's for a wider range of pastries selection at a more reasonable price. Same goes with their dishes, too, of which I've tried on my previous trips to this coffee shop. I don't want to sound stingy but I would not mind paying more if it were worth it.

I guess I would be back to Bo's for their coffee and beverages, but definitely not for the food and pastries. What about you? How was your experience at Bo's Coffee?


  1. Mas okay yung pastries sa Starbucks, at least to me.

    But Bo's is alright with their coffee. Americano yung lagi kong inoorder kasi mura lang. hehe :-)

  2. Que buena pinta!!!!

  3. Seems sooooo delicious


    Coline !

  4. I haven't been to Bo's because I don't frequent coffee shops since (1) I don't drink coffee much and (2) I consider their coffee expensive so I prefer making my own coffee from Nescafe or other brands.

    The only coffee shops that I visited were Starbucks and Figaro. I prefer Figaro because I think it is better than Starbucks.

  5. I have not been to the place. but it looks like a good place.


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