Monday, July 30, 2012

Pearl Farm Buffet

On our fifth anniversary, we decided to spend the day at Pearl Farm since both of us haven’t been there before and we were looking for a nice and quiet place to relax (for me, that meant anywhere near the beach or any body of water). Pearl Farm was a no-brainer because I heard it isn’t just an exclusive resort but they also serve good food.

I bet anyone-foodie or not- would find their buffet spread quite irresistible. They have all sorts of seafoods ranging from fish, crabs, and shrimps to a salad section. But my favorite would have to be the stir fry section wherein you can pick any ingredients you want and then hand it over to a very friendly chef who’s going to cook it for you. Then, they will serve it to your table for you to enjoy. The sautéed meat and vegetables was the best part of this meal. 

My second favorite part? The dessert buffet! There’s plenty to choose from that I didn’t hold anything back. (My plate full of desserts pictured above.)

Paradise :)

A return visit is certainly called for, if not for the beauty and amenities of the resort, but for the quality of the food alone.


  1. We love Pearl Farm too -- food, atmosphere and service! :)

  2. Thanks for commenting in my blog....I got stomachache with the food in pearl farm....don't get me wrong the place is wonderful but for us who stayed for couple nights and had been in five star restaurant in Asia and Western Country- the food is not worth of what we paid...the price is ridiculous- over price.If you been in Boracay you get the same price and the food is really an international cuisine.

  3. @Leah - I agree. I've read your blog before I went here and was convinced that it was a good place to visit. Well worth it!

    @Mhie - I appreciate your feedback. But yeah, it can be a bit on the expensive side. I had to agree, too, that Boracay has surprisingly a lot of affordable options!

  4. pwede na ba ang budget na 1500 or 2k dito? good for two?

    1. The last time we went, 2,500 po ang day tour on weekends and around 1,850 for weekdays. Inclusive na yan sa use ng resort amenities and lunch buffet :)


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