Sunday, October 14, 2012

Primo Cafe and Grille: The New Prime Culinary Destination in Davao

There appears to be a scarcity of sports bars and restos in Davao, so when Primo CafĂ© and Grille at Camus St. opened its doors to the public, it was quick to draw my attention. Although this restaurant has been open for quite some time now, I haven’t had the chance to give them a visit until recently – a long overdue one, I’m afraid. But I was glad I did because their food is actually way beyond what I had expected.

Before we get to that, though, I just wanted to point out that this restaurant has the feel and look of a true-blue sports bar. Lots of flat screen TVs in various parts of the restaurant showing clips of sports shows/games, group of male patrons enjoying a cocktail drink or two... you know the drill. They also have booths wherein you can sit in a comfy chair while having your dinner and enjoying a bit of a private space from the rest of the restaurant. The ambiance is undoubtedly cozy and warm – just the right fit for a sports fan who’d like to enjoy a great dinner or cocktail drink.

The first order for the night is Salisbury Steak and we had it cooked medium well. This dish is approximately priced at PhP 280. And while the serving looks deceivingly small, you can't fault this dish because the steak tastes excellent! This must be the best Salisbury Steak I've had (yet). The meat is juicy and savory - the way a steak should be! 

Meanwhile, I ordered one of their pasta dishes - Seafood Linguini. I wanted to order the Aligue Pasta because I am a sucker for crabs, but I opted for the seafood linguini instead so I can get all the seafood goodness I want. The linguini pasta is coated with a tangy homemade marinara sauce (yes, just like a true-blue Italian marinara sauce!), together with slices of squid and fish. Then, the dish is topped with two large pieces of shrimps. A large piece of garlic bread is the perfect compliment to the tangy flavor of the marinara sauce on this pasta. And I had to note the pasta is perfectly cooked, al dente, so it still has a bite to it.

For dessert, we had their Ice Cream Sundae. Surprisingly, they had quite a few selection on their menu for desserts but since we wanted to eat a frozen dessert, we settled for this. At PhP 81, you get a single scoop of your choice of ice cream flavor that is then topped with chocolate syrup and crushed nuts. Not the best value for money, but hey! I wanted ice cream that night!

For drinks, I ordered mango juice but was disappointed to find that they served me canned Gina mango juice. Don't get me wrong, I love Gina mango juice. I was hoping they'd serve us fresh mango juice instead of the canned ones. This, and the ice cream dessert, is probably the only disappointment for this meal.

But overall, I would gladly recommend Primo Cafe & Grille. I'm a bit stunned with myself why I waited this long to try it (esp considering that it is a block away from where I work). But still, better late than never. That Aligue Pasta alone is reason enough to go back.. hopefully soon!

What's your experience with Primo Cafe & Grille? Let's hear them!


  1. We love this! Looks delicious!!

    ox from NYC


  2. I don't really go to sports bars, but they always look interesting. I really like your blog! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, likes and more :) :)

  3. I also went there like 2011? And their pesto pasta was so good!

    I might visit their place soon and blog about it.. :D


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