Friday, September 14, 2012

Café France - Not Your Average Cafe

On a rainy Monday night, I was looking for a place to enjoy comfort yet quality food. I am at a puzzle as to where to eat because we’ve tried almost everything at Gaisano Mall’s The Peak, except for Hollywood Burgers and Ombu, but I wasn’t up for Filipino food or burgers that time (I know, my taste buds can be quite picky). All the others were yogurt and dessert shops, so these were not part of the option.

Hence, we settled in for Café France. To be honest, I did not hold such high expectations of the place but had quite an enjoyable dinner. The beautiful thing about Café France is the wide range of options on their menu. They had a little bit of everything thrown into the mix so you will have your fill no matter what your craving for at the moment. 

I opted to go for one of their tray couture wherein I chose to order Pierre. This tray set cost me PhP 285, which already includes their Seafood Deluxe Clubhouse & Seafood Marinara. The serving also included a small serving of salad and a piece of chocolate for dessert. By the way, at this price, you already have one drink too, wherein I opted for their orange juice. The juice is very delicious because it is not of the canned variety – very refreshing. 


The clubhouse sandwich is humungous, if I may put it. This consisted of two layers of seafood fillings that included crabsticks, tuna spread, and omelet. This in itself is a meal and so of course I had to share it with the boyf because I can’t consume it all. One element of the tray set that I was able to consume to myself is the seafood marinara. Not trying to exaggerate but this is one of the best seafood marinara I had in a long while.

For E’s order, he went with the Roasted Chicken with Potato Salad on the side. This rice meal is priced at PhP 195, which again is slightly on the expensive side. But the roasted chicken tasted heavenly. The meat is soft to the point that it falls off the bones and the seasoning is just right – not too overpowering, not bland either. The outside is also slightly burnt, which is fine because it provides a slightly crisp exterior. 

For so long, Café France has been dubbing itself as “more than just your usual coffee shop”. And it is! I truly enjoyed this meal. And I can say with confidence that I will be back soon!

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  1. you are right, though a little bit pricey but we did enjoyed their food.

  2. its a nice resto but I forgot to note that I dont like their coke. When I drank coke it tasted funny so I opted water.. Its like a watered down diet coke but the food is really nice..

    thanks for visiting my bloG..
    your blog is so clean and cute.. "pink". :D

  3. the food at Cafe France are really to die for. i've been to Cafe France- Ponciano branch twice.. and both visits were spectacular.. However, i hope i could get to visit their branches at Gmall soon.i heard they have two their--one at The Peak, and at the Lower Ground. i hope it'll be as awesome as my past Cafe France-visits..

    Anyways, nice post! looking forward to your other posts. ;)

    -angel ♥

  4. Hi Angel,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed dining here, as much as I did! Surely, it is something the foodies like us can exploit. haha

  5. My first visit in their G-Mall branch was awesome! They had like the best roasted chicken in town! :D

    But with my 2nd visit, I was really disappointed with their Spaghetti Pomodoro which was too salty. To make the matters worse, their chef that time was a.. trainee! It felt like a rock hit me when I heard that.

    I do hope in my 3rd visit will be much better and their Spaghetti Pomodoro will not be like a plate of salt.


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