Monday, September 30, 2013

Mandarin Tea Garden's Ma Chang and Fried Seafood Rolls

Finding new items to try at restaurants you frequent is always an exciting prospect. It almost feels like discovering a new foodie spot altogether. Hence, E and I make it a point to explore new items or old items that we haven't tried before on the menu whenever dining out. Such is the case with Mandarin Tea Garden when we dined recently.

Ma Chang is a recipe that traces its roots to China. However, this dish might appeal to Filipinos because this is a rice-base delicacy, which quickly reminded me of Pastil. The distinctive difference with Pastil, though, is that the rice is sticky and chunky in texture. There is also a subtle salty flavor coming from the rice itself, as well as the chunks of pork, tofu, mushroom, and garlic. It is a rich flavor in a small package, indeed.

Meanwhile, this Fried Seafood Roll is another pleasantly surprising dish. On my previous trips, I've sampled the Steamed Seafood Roll version but decided to give the fried version a try. The roll of seafoods consisting of crab sticks, fish, and shrimps are coated with a light batter that is deep fried to make the exterior turn brown and crunchy. It also comes with its own garlic mayo dip.

If you are looking for something new to try at Mandarin Tea Garden or up for an Asian Fusion cuisine experiment, you need to take note of these two dishes.

Have you tried these dishes at Mandarin Tea Garden? Check this link to find a branch near you.

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  1. hi!~ do you have a recipe for the seafood roll? thanks!


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