Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Annipie: More Than Just Your Cinnamon Destination

I’ve been hearing about Annipie for a while now but never really had the chance to pay one of their branches a visit… until one Friday night when the boyf was hungry that we decided to drop by before having our gym session. Thankfully, their Malvar branch is just a short walking distance from the gym and so it was a convenient option for us.

The place was rather small but cozy. I love the dim lighting at the place and of course the captivating smell of cinnamon upon entering. And I instantly knew I had to taste one of their specialty cinnamon while I’m there. More on that later.

We opted for a light dinner because we were heading to gym after. And so, I went with the Lemon Butter Cream Dory (95) and E chose to have pasta – Classic Carbonara (85). The items on their menu were fairly affordable but maybe because it was also a medium-sized serving, ideal for people with a smaller appetite. But if you’re not yet satisfied, though, there is always a ton of dessert and sweets to choose from to fill you up.

The cream dory dish was nothing special, however. Although I did not really expect anything better at this price, I felt like it was lacking in seasoning. Don’t get me wrong – I love cream dory because it naturally tastes good and requires minimal seasoning. But I felt like there was little attention given to making this dish special (for lack of a better term). I feel like I can do a better job at preparing this dish at home (and no, I’m not kidding).

The classic carbonara redeemed it for us, though. The sauce was rich and creamy with the garlic bread sprinkled with dried basil leaves for added flavor and aroma. Two thumbs up!

And of course, the cinnamon roll was everything I had imagined it to be. I forgot to note how much each slice cost but whatever that cost may be is definitely worth it. I can see now why it’s been much raved about.

If you ever find yourself around Malvar Street, be sure to give them a visit. Highly recommended!

PS: Pardon the quality of the photos. My cam died on me again and had to make do with my camera phone to take food shots.

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  1. Naku, kumain bago mag-gym. :-P Nadagdagan ng susunuging carbs. Hehe.

    Well, maybe next time cinnamon roll naman ang i-review mo for this place.


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