Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yakimix Now Open at Abreeza Mall

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine. In fact, I've professed time and again that it is one of those cuisines that I can eat everyday and not get sick of it. I have tried nearly every Japanese restaurant in Davao, but here is another one to add to my growing list - Yakimix

Last October 6, Yakimix opened its doors to Davaoenos wherein Japanese food aficionados can relish notable Japanese dishes for a luxury buffet treat! Yes, a Japanese buffet! If that is not enough to excite your taste buds, wait until you hear about their opening promo!

When you dine at Yakimix from October 6 to 20, 2013, all customers can enjoy the 20% discount offer! This means that prices for lunch buffet are now at P390 instead of the original P488, and the promo rate for dinner buffet is at P470 from the original P588.

Yakimix is located at the second floor of Abreeza Mall. They can be reached via the following contact number for inquiries/reservations: (082) 285-3333. 

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  1. Wow! Mao ba ning naa sa second floor near PowerMac Center?

  2. not bad..sounds like a ready made seasoning mix, btw you were nominated in the mindanao blog awards. are you aware of it?


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