Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant Offers Stir-Fry Goodness

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant was one of few restaurants that opened right after Gaisano Mall launched The Peak last year. And I was one of those who were also quick to give it a try, mostly just out of curiosity. As a foodie, I always make it a point to try new food places in Davao and this is the perfect place to be for those who are a fan of stir-fry goodies.

The catch with Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant is that you basically get to pick what you want to have on your bowl. Thus, you will be greeted by a long section of ingredients ranging from meat, to seafoods, to veggies by the counter to make your own rice bowl. It is similar to a buffet spread with various ingredients to choose from. Among those that I can remember are cabbage, carrots, red and green bell pepper, squid balls, fish balls, onions, baguio beans, pork, chicken, beef, liver, and many more.

However, I got way too confused when I got there and wasn't up for experimenting. I, therefore, opted for their set meals instead so they can pick the ingredients on my behalf. Maybe next time once I got the hang of it, then I will create my own rice bowl mix.

I went with the seafood set for my order and was quite pleased with my choice. I like the fact that it features a generous amount of seafood meat and veggies. Loved the flavor of the sauce, too. But nothing really special here, just plain rice goodness.

The boyf went with the pork set, which was equally good.  The meat and veggies are cooked all the way, with some tenderness to the meat and juicy quality to the veggies. That way, you can tell that the ingredients are fresh! Both sets are available for PhP 90 each. 

Seafood Salsa

Fiery Barbecue

Aside from the set meals, like the ones we ordered, you can opt for the One Time Fill Your Bowl for PhP 180, wherein you basically put all of the ingredients you want in there - but the catch is, no refilling. Or, you can get the Check a Bowl priced at PhP 125 or the Eat All You Can Bowl for PhP 250. 

If you're up for exploring with your food and maybe experiment a little bit, visit them at The Peak

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