Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KFC Chicken Salad with Asian Dressing

KFC is one of those fast food chains that I frequent. They are, fittingly, known for their chicken but they introduce new items on their menu from time to time.  On my recent visit, I ordered something aside from chicken that made quite an impression on me.

KFC's Chicken Salad is priced at PhP 95 and for that, you can get a pretty decent serving of salad. The serving consists of a mixture of fresh lettuce and other kinds of vegetables. And because it is a chicken salad, you can get plenty of bite sized pieces of chicken fillet to go along with the veggies, too. 

There are two choices of dressing for the salads available at KFC: Caesar or Asian. I went with the Asian dressing and I was very pleased with the choice I made. As I'm eating, I was trying to decipher the ingredients used in the dressing to give that sweet, slightly tangy taste to it. I can tell that it has got some sesame seeds in it, probably roasted one because of the smoky aroma.

My only qualm about this salad is that the tomato that was served with it is freezing cold. Like, seriously, it tasted like it was taken straight out of the refrigerator! And I would have wanted more variety with the greens as I can see it had mainly just lettuce.

If you love salad, try the Asian dressing on KFC's salad options. If you've tried it, would love to hear your thoughts on the salad! Did you enjoy it as much as I did?

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