Sunday, September 8, 2013

De Bonte Koe Restaurant: Taste of European Cuisine

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, tasted their food, and felt like you just stumbled into a gem? I've had several of these experiences but nothing quite like when I dined at De Bonte Koe for the first time. To be quite honest though, I had been eyeing this restaurant for a very long time but was unable to convince myself to dine. But now that I have tried this restaurant, I can boldly claim that it is going to end up in my Top 10 restaurants in Davao list, if I decide to come up with one soon.

The ambiance at De Bonte Koe is romantic, warm, and intimate. There are lots of figurines, wall paintings, and other quirky details that complete the overall vibe of this restaurant. When we settled into a table, the waitress also lit up one of the candles waiting on the table. Talk about a romantic dinner!

One of the things I like about fine dining restaurants are the complimentary treats they offer. In fact, E & I had been secretly assessing a restaurant's quality based on their complimentary. After all, this is a customer's first chance to taste the food they have on offer. This one is not exceptional but still good. I still think that Bon Appetit Le Bistro, Picobello, and Ronaldo's has some of the best complimentary treats from what I've tried so far!

Norwegian Salmon Steak (PhP 395) - This dish consist of a slow roasted salmon over an open flame to keep it tender. Love the fact that the fish isn't overly seasoned - just enough to complement the natural rich flavor of the salmon meat. This dish is served with veggies, mashed potato, and two choices of dip (garlic mayo and pesto). Just when I thought I've tasted the best salmon in my life, I think this one beats them all!

Chili Con Carne (PhP 265) - This is a spicy stew out of the oven that contains chili peppers, lean ground beef, tomatoes and red beans. This Mexican treat is also served with a choice of rice or French bread.

Fried Vanilla Ice Cream (PhP 140 for Special) - This dessert is made of a breaded (cookie crumbs) scoop of ice cream that is quickly deep-fried creating a warm, crispy shell around the still-cold ice cream. The dessert is then topped with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. When we saw this dessert on the menu, we knew we had to try it! First time to sample fried ice cream and this one is super delicious! Must try!

World class quality meal, top rate service and reasonable prices. All of these factors combine to make De Bonte Koe a dining gem in the city's culinary landscape. The owner is also very accommodating and hands-on with the service. In fact, he treated E to a shot of vodka before starting our meal. Quality food might make you appreciate a restaurant but it is the warm and friendly service that makes you want to come back! And I can guarantee that that won't be the last time we'd be dining at De Bonte Koe.

De Bonte Koe is located at Casa de Habana Compound, Rizal St., Davao City.

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  1. How much to prepare when dining De Bonte Koe Restaurant? Cheers!

    1. Estimated budget for 2 pax at De Bonte Koe is 750-1,000 PhP :) Their steaks are more expensive though, 500-1,000 price range. So, if you do not order steaks then the above budget should apply. Hope that helps!

  2. Went there once with my family to check the place out. Inside was a white woman (probably the owner's wife) and a boy (could be their son) who she saw us coming and overheard her saying in Dutch (her language and explains why the place is called De Bonte Koe) "wat komen die hier doen? ze kunnen dit toch niet betalen" or translated " Why do they come here? As if they can afford it. " She was surprised when my daughter turned to me and spoke in Dutch (I am married to a Belgian and have lived in Belgium for almost 26 years now and speak the same language) "Kom, Mama, wij zijn hier weg. Het is hier toch niet lekker" or translated " Let's get out of here, Mom. It's not that good anyway ". BOOM !


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