Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom’s Birthday Cake: Choco Cherry Torte from Goldilocks

My family is big on birthday celebrations and we also love food so much that we use every opportunity we have to celebrate and enjoy great food –whether dining out or at home. Recently, mom celebrated her 51st birthday and even when she persistently refused, we opted to buy her a birthday cake. Too bad, there isn’t a Sugar Munch branch at the mall and they’re also closed on Sundays, so we decided to buy one of Goldilocks’ cakes instead.

Mom isn’t a fan of Goldilocks. She prefers Sugar Munch or Red Ribbon (I would agree, too). But I also enjoyed what we had chosen for the occasion – Goldilock’s Choco Cherry Torte. I heard it is one of their premium cakes, so I expected it to be better than their usual options.

Thankfully, this succulent creation was everything I hoped for. This culinary creation is adorned with cherries on top and chocolate crème. There are also three layers to this cake, which consisted of strawberry, chocolate, and chiffon. Hence, you can enjoy a blend of flavors in your mouth that is succulent and rich at the same time.

If you want to indulge in this sugary goodness, make sure to drop by a local Goldilocks shop! It’s sinfully delicious!

What’s your favorite Goldilocks cake? And why? Share them in the comments.

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