Sunday, November 18, 2012

BonChon Chicken Abreeza: Review

BonChon Chicken is one of the most awaited arrivals in the local culinary scene of Davao. Their crisp and yummy chicken is purportedly one of the best in the country, judging from blogger reviews and feedback from people I know who've tried it. BonChon originated in South Korea but this fried chicken franchise restaurant quickly established a following prompting them to open a number of franchises across the US and in various parts of Asia, which includes the Philippines. Their SM City Davao branch was the first branch to open in the city but it wasn't too long until their second branch opened its doors in Abreeza. 

The other night, I got a chance to visit BonChon in Abreeza during dinner time. If you are planning to give them a try, here is a breakdown on my thoughts about this particular dining experience to help you decide:

Boxed Meal C

Fish Taco

Ambiance: The ambiance at BonChon is warm and homey. If you've been to any of their restaurants before, you know what I mean. It is very much like a fast food chain but with a bit of an upscale twist. It features a minimalistic design with white and red as the predominant colors in their interiors.

Food Choices: BonChon has been compared with Chicken Charlie and many claim that these two are each other's toughest rival. However, BonChon earns my nod here because they have more food choices on the menu. In fact, they are not just limited to chicken because they also have fish and beef dishes on the menu.

Food Quality: I love the chicken at BonChon! I was impressed with Chicken Charlie's but I think this one is much better. The crisp exterior and the savory meat on the inside makes this more than your average fast food fried chicken. Aside from the boxed meal C (containing one piece of thigh, plus rice and your choice of softdrinks - priced at PhP 95), we also ordered the Fish Taco (PhP 75) and Crispy Fish Ricebox (PhP 145). 

The chicken is the star of this meal. But I have to say that the Crispy Fish Ricebox was also a great choice. The fish is cooked all the way through and the meat is very soft. 

The only disappointment for the meal was the Fish Taco. But it's not their fault. Fish never works well with tacos. End of the story.

Crispy Fish Ricebox

Crispy Fish Ricebox

Service: For a fast food chain, I'd say they have got the best service. Orders get served pretty quickly, despite the fact that they were nearly full when we got there. Wait staffs are also very responsive to our requests for condiments.

Value for Money: Yes, admittedly, BonChon is a bit on the expensive side, especially when compared with other fast food chicken restaurants in the city. But they make up for their higher priced meals with quality and tasty food options. It's hard to tell, though, given this is only my first visit. I might have to give it another round.

Recommendation: If you love chicken and want to taste the best fried chicken in Davao, BonChon is the place to be. I held high expectations of this restaurant before giving it a try, and somehow they lived up to the hype.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5 stars


  1. Nice blog Abby. Thanks for dropping by ANYTHING ABOUT DAVAO. ^_^

  2. Their fish taco is bigger than what I had in SM City Davao.. hmmm...

  3. Yummy love this

  4. some say the taste is sort of bland from the inside, but tasty on the outside..

  5. inspired by your blog i take my chance to check bonchon this afternoon at sm city davao but to my surprise no customer so what's the catch?


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