Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Army Navy at SM Lanang Premier

On the day of my birthday, I went to SM Lanang Premier with my nephew and boyf to do some errands and a little bit of shopping. When we got tired and hungry, we decided to scour the entire mall to find a place we can grab a quick bite. Since it was merienda time, we decided to skip restaurants offering main course meals but opted for a burger joint, which is why the idea of dining at Army Navy struck me. I haven't tried this place before and so it might be a good time to sample them.

One of the reasons why I  was really curious to try Army Navy is due to its ambiance. It reminds you of a military base pantry with a small window in the center working as the main cashier wherein you can place your orders. It is very simplistic and straight-forward, definitely none of the over-the-top design concepts. 

The food is also equally good. We ordered the Chicken Burrito, which is a flour tortilla filled with several ingredients such as Spanish rice, chicken meat, beans, onion, lettuce, and cilantro. I love Mexican food so this was just right up my alley. The serving is pretty humongous, too! It comes served with a slice of lime and I tell you, squeezing some juice off of that lime to the burrito can make a whole lot of difference as it kicks up the flavor! An order will set you back at PhP 165.

Soft taco when rolled

Aside from burrito, I also am a big fan of taco. Since their crunchy taco is not available, we went for the soft taco carnitas. Priced at PhP 175, you get three small soft flour tortillas that are topped with meat, onions, and cilantro. Again, I squeezed some juice from the slice of lime provided with each serving to cut the strong flavor a bit. However, I was not too excited to find the pork cuts included in my soft taco were mostly the bony parts. Hence, only about half of the pork cutlets included in my taco were actually edible as I had to set the rest aside as they are made up of bones.

Lastly, we had the Tortilla Chips (PhP 35) that is served with its own freshly made tomato salsa. I love salsa! Hence, I was excited to give it a try when I saw it on the menu. And it fell nothing short of my expectation - the tangy flavor from the salsa helped to add a rich texture to the tortilla chips, which in itself is not that rich in flavor. 

Tomato Salsa

Overall, I enjoyed dining at Army Navy at SM Lanang Premier. My only qualm about this dining spot is that it can be a bit on the expensive side. For a small snack, we billed nearly PhP 500. I am not one to complain about paying for good food, but I think that it is not the best value for money. I can get an equally good taco from Taco Boy and they can go for half the price! But if you don't mind the cost and simply want to be treated to good food, give Army Navy a try! I'm looking forward to my next visit to try new items off the menu, esp their Double Burger (though it might be too big for my appetite!).

Army Navy has two branches in Davao: Abreeza and SM Lanang Premier.  

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