Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dinner at Max's Abreeza

"The house that fried chicken built" - That is the tagline for Max's brand. This has always intrigued me because it is rare for most restaurants to come up with such a huge promise and nail it. Some meet expectations, while others under-deliver. But if you've survived several decades in the business, I guess it only indicates one thing. 

Max's Fried Chicken is a restaurant chain that was first introduced in the Philippines in 1945, post World War II. The restaurant was named after Maximo Gimenez, a teacher who set up a cafe wherein he served chicken and steak. Eventually, the menu expanded to offer mainly Filipino style dishes and it was only a matter of time until Max's burst into the scene and became one of the most popular restaurants during that time. Max's started to open up franchising opportunities in 1998.

With over 127 branches in the Philippines, Max's in Abreeza is one of the most recent restaurants to be added into the brand's growing list. My recent dinner at Max's isn't my first time, but it is for a long time. I can remember during the 90's that there was a Max's branch in SM City Davao but it closed and then returned to Davao in Abreeza when the mall opened last year. Hence, this is another opportunity for the famous fried chicken restaurant to appeal to this generation's discerning taste for fried chicken, especially given that there are a wide array of options for restaurants specializing in this particular dish (in a wide range of prices, too). 

We started off our meal with this Cream of Mushroom Soup. This is one of my favorite soups of all time, including seafood chowder. Max's version is rich and creamy. If only the waiter could remember to serve it with its own dedicated spoon, this meal would have started off on a better note.

Basic Meal

The Basic Meal set is a yet satisfying combination of the famous Max's fried chicken (quarter size), steamed rice, and a caramel bar. This meal set also comes with free drinks. I opted for their Iced Tea. This fried chicken is arguably one of the best I've tasted - crispy on the outside, yet juicy and savory on the inside.

Chicken Barbecue Meal

If you have a bigger appetite, the Chicken Barbecue Meal is a good option at Max's. This meal set consists of two pieces of chicken (leg and thigh portions) that are flame grilled to get that tangy barbecue flavor. Max's chicken barbecue is notable, though, because it is soft on the inside despite having that char-grilled effect on the surface. This, too, comes with its own free drink.

Have you tried Max's in Abreeza? How did you enjoy it?

Max's is located at second floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall.

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