Friday, March 28, 2014

Sea Green Cafe: A Feast Like No Other

Exploring new restaurants is often a hit-and-miss thing. Some new ones you try impress your palate that they instantly become a new favorite and you find yourself going back from time to time. Some, though, fail to make an impression you swear to never go back. Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop belongs to the first category. Without a hint of doubt in my mind.

This isn't an entirely new restaurant. They had been around for a while now; in fact, they recently celebrated their first anniversary with a lunch buffet offering. But it still remains a question how I never visited sooner. All along, I've been missing out on a delicious culinary treat that offers healthy food options, too. That is a win-win situation for any foodie like me.


The one aspect of the restaurant, aside from the menu, that piqued my curiosity is the interior decor. Decked in predominantly white decor touches, it is simple and sophisticated rolled into one. I love the little touches of green, too. It screams comfort in every sense of the word.

One other thing that captured my attention about Sea Green Cafe is their promise of quality food. Fresh ingredients, handmade with love. That is how they described their food offerings. Quite promising, huh?

The meal started off with this appetizer - Vegetable and Kani Roll with Peanut Sauce (PhP 140). This is a very light dish, perfect to excite your palate without making you too full. The peanut sauce was rich and delicious. The combination of flavors worked out really well.

The first course for the night is this Pan Grilled Fish with Cauliflower Rice (PhP 195). The fish was the highlight of this dish. It is light and extremely juicy. It appears to me that the fish was steamed before being seared off in the pan for a few minutes. The inside of the meat is extremely soft and juicy, yet there is a smoky touch to the flavor. The Cauliflower Rice is a must for vegetarians out there. It makes this entire dish hearty yet light.

Next up is the Indian Style Buttered Prawns with Brown Rice (PhP 220). The prawns are large and plump. It is also cooked very well - still juicy and had the right texture to it. I love the seasoning on the curry sauce. There was the right amount of saltiness and spice. The brown rice that was served with it is also really good.

This Lime Cheesecake is one of the most unique yet best cheesecakes I've ever had. The tartness from the lime really comes through with the bite. The layers of cream cheese are not too heavy, too. Hence, every spoonful is light and very cleansing to the palate. This is highly recommended at Sea Green Cafe if you are seeking a good dessert.

This Tablea Cheesecake is as good as it looks. I love that there is still a pervading bittersweet taste to this cheesecake. Upon first look, I was scared that it might be too sweet and too chocolate-y. But you will appreciate how it tastes like tablea indeed. The slices of strawberry on top helps to neutralize the flavors in your palate. The slight tart flavor from the strawberry slices will clear your palate from that bittersweet taste. It really is a nice combination.

Granted that Sea Green Cafe is notable for its use of fresh and healthy ingredients to offer delicious food items to their clientele, they also top that with excellent service. They have friendly, warm, and prompt staff service.

Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop is located along Circumferential Road, Dona Vicenta Subdivision, Davao City. They are open from Mondays to Sundays. You can visit their Facebook page for more details.

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