Friday, February 14, 2014

Thai Cold Noodle Salad

When it comes to my preference, some would say that I am a bit of a Western-centric. Sure, I would choose Italian or French cuisine over Asian cuisine any day (except for Japanese because I could eat that every single day!). Heck, I even avert Filipino cuisine when I am dining out. It’s just that it does not excite me as much as the next person.

But when I recently dined in my usual favorite spot, Grub Resto Café, I was offered a new item by the waiter. As a foodie, this was a huge challenge for me. I felt that it seriously threatened my status as a food writer to not be daring enough to give it a try.

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The dish itself piqued my interest – he said it was a Thai-inspired cold noodle salad. It turned out perfectly that I intended to have salad for dinner. So I figured, “why not?” Boy was I in for a surprise!

The salad is made with white Thai noodles, beans, tomato, onion, parsley, and ginger slices. It also comes with dilis, which helped to add the saltiness into the dish.

I have to warn you though – since most of the ingredients are added in fresh, expect really strong flavors and aroma. Thankfully, I am a big fan of ginger and onion so I handled this without any problem at all. In fact, I savored the fresh herbs and the scent from the parsley with every bite.

The vinegar can get a bit overwhelming, though, when you reach about halfway into the dish. But if you love fresh Asian flavors, then this might be the dish for you.

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Grub Resto Café is located at Duterte St, Davao City.

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