Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cafe Mediterranean: Flavors of the Sun

Cafe Mediterranean, or Cafe Med as it is casually referred to by some foodies, has been around the scene for some time. The original location of this restaurant was in Chimes and I honestly do not know if that branch is still open because I haven't been there in a long while. Nonetheless, the opening of a new branch at Abreeza made them more accessible to those who would like to enjoy authentic Mediterranean dishes that I still consider to be rare in Davao. But if you are a big fan of this cuisine, like I am, this will hopefully make do while we wait for an authentic Greek or Mediterranean restaurant to do business in the city. Hello Cyma, I'm talking to you!

Cafe Mediterranean was known for their Buy 1, Take 1 Pizza Promo available from 2-5PM on weekdays (there was a point when this was the craze in Davao and almost every pizza shop had this offer!). Although I never got the chance to take advantage of that promo offer, I remembered ordering mostly their pizzas during my few trips to their Chimes branch.

The ambiance of Cafe Mediterranean in Abreeza is nearly an exact replica of their original branch. It does help to reinforce the experience of being in a Mediterranean restaurant wherein you are enjoying some pasta, cheese, and wine. But ambiance is just one step into the experience - food is what it will all come down to.

It starts with Mediterranean Pasta (P 265) that has all the goodness you would expect from a pasta that bears that name. The penne pasta comes with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, grilled eggplants and zucchini, and anchovies. The flavor of this pasta is rather subtle, but you cannot help but notice the lovely aroma coming from the olives, olive oil, and grilled vegetables. Simply enticing!

Another dish that we've tried is the Cafe Mediterranean Kofta (P 140), simply out of curiosity because it was listed as one of their must-try dishes. There are two options for the pita bread used for preparing this dish - regular or whole wheat pita. We opted for the latter, which I believe is a bit more expensive. The meat is a combination of ground beef and lamb that is savored with various herbs and grilled on skewers. We were slightly disappointed with the choice to go with the whole wheat pita bread because the aroma is slightly too overwhelming that it clashed with the aroma of the meat. There was simply too much going on. We both agreed there and then that the pasta dish was our favorite.

Have you tried dining at Cafe Mediterranean?

Cafe Med: Flavors of the Sun is located at G/F of Abreeza Ayala Mall (the side fronting the fountain).

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