Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ranch & Reef: Food Overload

It was a rainy Monday, October 31 (late post, I know), when E and I ventured on a food trip. Despite the rain, we mustered the courage to get out and try this restaurant located at DavCon compound in Torres Street - Ranch & Reef. For months, I've heard about this place but never really got the chance to try it. So, here I am all excited about all the raving I've read about this place in the blogosphere. At the same time, a voice in the back of my head was hoping that those weren't all hype.
Lo and behold, Ranch & Reef was all those blogs claimed it to be. A food haven that will surely whet your appetite. The buffet table had pasta, roasted beef, chicken, and steamed fresh vegetables. There is also a sushi bar, which I can tell delighted E because he is a BIG fan of anything sushi! In fact, I saw him carrying a plate full of california maki and he could not contain that grin!Meanwhile, I was like a child in a candy shop, wide-eyed in awe exploring the dessert section. They had mango float, blueberry cheesecake, all sorts of brownies and cupcakes, and a chocolate for dipping of fruits and marshmallow. My sweet tooth was quite thrilled with this lovely feast of desserts that I opted to fill my plate with desserts first.

I'd have to note that the wait staff is friendly and accommodating. And for those with a big appetite, you will be pleased to know that they are quick to refill any empty trays on the buffet table so nothing can stop you from enjoying this delicious buffet experience.

The dinner buffet is available at PhP 329 per person.


  1. I was planning to treat my family here after Novak Djokovic won 2011 US Open. Unluckily, the timing was bad. I had no enough budget.

  2. You should try it, Dean. Real excellent food :)

  3. I will. I just don't know exactly when.


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