Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Love Don Beppe Ristorante!

I could name a few good Italian restaurants in the city. I am no connoisseur but my love for Italian cuisine has taken me to a few restaurants in the city offering this very same cuisine. When I am craving any Italian dish, I know exactly where to go. One of my recent favorites is Don Beppe Italian Ristorante. If you’re like me (who enjoys Italian dishes), chances are you’ve been here before. If not, then you don’t love Italian enough (ha!).

There’s so much to love about Don Beppe. But I would like to point out three reasons that bring it to the top of my favorite Italian restos here in Davao: Superb food, warm service, and affordability.

Superb Food

I don’t really have a very big appetite but if I had a choice, I would’ve ordered more just to sample Don Beppe’s dishes. But here are some food shots on our recent trip to Don Beppe at Gaisano Mall, The Peak. 

Complementary: Breadsticks and Tomato Ragu
Roma Beef Pizza


Warm Service

I would like to emphasize the “warm” service over anything else because I really do feel like they have one of the most friendly staffs. As a bonus? Don Beppe himself will also serve a glass of champagne, which was absolutely delish!

and amazing ambiance!


Many of those who haven’t tried dining at Don Beppe were probably intimidated by it. Sure, locals have this misconception that dining in European restaurants, especially authentic ones, can be an expensive fare. Wrong!

Food choices in Don Beppe range from PhP 150-PhP300, which is really quite affordable. And the best part? They offer good value. You get more than what you pay for. And I bet my money that the moment you’ve tasted Don Beppe’s offerings that you’d be willing to pay more than what’s actually on the menu (though I am not complaining). It is therefore a testament to the fact that you don’t have to break your bank in order to taste good and authentic Italian food! Thank you, Don Beppe. :)  


  1. OK, I am not lying but my friend saw what's on my computer..and he goes..OMG, look so yummy:) Great post!


  2. I seem to love this resto and I don't know if it's only the quality of your camera or the angle of your shot - but I can seem to say its ambiance looks special and inviting. Though, I'm not quite satisfied with the food. I want more, upload more steak, pasta, dessert, etc. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to see, right?

  3. Roma beef is my favorite at Don Beppe Ristorante! For lighter dishes, we share a platter of Vongole or surprisingly, the Carbonara - their version is light and not loaded with cream and cholesterol. The servings are perfect for sharing, so we always go in a group.

    Which reminds me, time for another visit!

  4. Is the restaurant named after the owner? I think I have met him. That time, I was with my boyfriend. He gave us complimentary champagne and appetizer, and he gave a free refill of the bread sticks. Such a nice man!

  5. Unfortunately this restaurant has Closed.

    Perhaps it should be removed from the 'Where to dine in Davao' link column so that the list accurately reflects the dining choices actually available in Davao.


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