Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Cafe Ilustrado Dining Experience

Cafe Ilustrado. The name brings forth an air of sophistication that anyone who hears about this restaurant for the first time will often find themselves intimidated by it. But for a few others, it inspires curiosity because there is probably only a few people in Davao who knows where it is. 

Cafe Ilustrado is located at the third floor of Gaisano South Mall, in the same level as Women's RTW. The unfamiliarity of it is completely understood. Even I wasn't aware that there was a restaurant right in that quiet side of the mall! But knowing that my office is within a stone's throw away from Gaisano South, it can be said that I frequent this area more often than I used to (before working where I do now). And during those instances wherein I feel the need to satisfy my grumbling tummy after doing some shopping, I found myself having dinner here quite a few times.

First off, I love the location. It is very convenient for those who are shopping at this mall. There is no need to go elsewhere because you can just walk into this secluded area that was built into somewhat of a sophisticated dining spot. Surprisingly, they also have good food. Not great, but good.

For appetizer, the Fisherman's Soup is recommended. This is a thick, creamy, and savory soup that is packed with flavor. The only downside to this soup is that it can overwhelm your senses after a few sip of the soup. It is best when you share this someone else

One dish that I would recommend is their Roasted Chicken. This one is very well seasoned and the meat is quite tender. The exterior of the chicken also comes with this tempting red color, leaving the chicken with that smoky aroma to it. Plus, it's a huge serving!

If you're a seafood lover, go for the Deep Fried Fish Fillet. They use cream dory for this one, which is always a good thing. I love that the fillet batter is not too thick - you just have enough to get a crunch to the surface, but not too much that it would soak up too much oil during the cooking process. The pickeled vegetables they serve on the side also helps to cut the saltiness of the dish, too.

For their desserts, I've tried their Fruit Salad and Tiramisu. The fruit salad is nothing special - just an assortment of sliced fruits in a bit of juice, then topped with whipped cream. On the other hand, the tiramisu cake is rich and chocolatey. It is fairly affordable, too, for the size of the serving. If you ever need a perfect way to end your meal at Cafe Ilustrado, this is the one!

Have you tried Cafe Ilustrado? How was the experience?

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