Friday, April 26, 2013

Bulca Chong: Davao's Pride

When a friend recently had a foreign visitor and we talked about places to bring him to eat, there was one thing that popped into mind first - Bulca Chong. Indeed, this humble restaurant has been serving their famous Bulca Chong to Davaoenos for years and remain to be a go-to place for those looking for their sinful yet sumptuous beef stew recipe that has made a name for itself. 

One particular night, I gave in to my desire for those delicious beef stew so I paid Bulca Chong a visit. For only roughly P95, you can get a bowl of Bulca Chong that is steaming hot when served on your table. You can also get individual bowls of soup taken from the stew itself for those who are crazy about them (like me!). What I like most about this beef stew dish is the very tender beef meat that is packed with flavor. It's one of my favorite dishes of all time and those who haven't tried it, I suggest you go ahead and treat yourselves!

In addition to their Bulca Chong, we also ordered their Lechon Kawali, also priced approximately P80-90. This dish is basically roasted pork that is scrumptious and sinfully good! It is very crunchy yet savory. If you want to indulge, then might as well order this together with your Bulca Chong. 

Ready to give Bulca Chong a try? They're located along General Luna St., Davao City. It is a mere walking distance from Gaisano South Mall at Ilustre St. 

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  1. Surely is very delicious. I never leave Davao without passing by Bulca Chong. Luckly I can have it again in a few days. Cheers.

  2. We were frequent customers here when we were in Davao late last year, perfect place to eat after a great night of partying and drinking with friends. My husband did not tell me it was kalabaw

  3. Bulca Chong is a "kalabaw" dish, not beef..:)

    1. Noted. To be honest, I'm just a foodie not a connosieur. And I don't claim to be one.


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