Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The French Baker: Now Serving at SM Lanang Premier

The French Baker is a pastry shop/restaurant that has several branches in the country, but has arrived to Davao City just recently when they opened a branch at SM Lanang Premier. I've earlier featured them in a post showcasing some of the new restaurants set to open its doors to the visitors of SM Lanang and I am genuinely excited to try them out. The name itself elicits the idea of a Parisian cafe or patisserie, of which I've always dreamed of trying, but if not in Paris then this might be the next best thing.

The rave reviews I've read on The French Baker also didn't help to curb the excitement. Just last week, I finally got a chance to dine here and it was an overall good experience.

First off, since we came in a bit late for dinner, around 8:30 PM, most of our initial orders were no longer available. Bummer, I know. I would've wanted to give their pasta dishes a try, particularly the Vongole Clam Pasta and Lasagna Verde. It's a frustrating feeling when you see something on the menu and you place an order for that, only to be told that it isn't available.

I decided to go for the Grilled Veggie Sandwich instead. This dish is amazing, thankfully. I would specially recommend this to anyone who loves vegetable dishes! The presentation is unique and creative to begin with, which makes it all the more appetizing. The bread and veggies sandwich are arranged like a kebab on stick. First, the vegetable sandwich are grilled wherein they use a freshly baked ciabatta bread. Meanwhile, it also comes with some side dishes including The French Baker's own potato chips (which was surprisingly sweet and had a nice texture to it) and their honey balsamic greens. But their salad greens was my favorite as the combination of sweet and tart flavor makes this the right compliment to the sandwich.

Another dish we've tried is the Pork Chop Au Foivre. This dish consists of two pieces of herb marinated pork chop and grilled in brown peppercorn sauce. Wow! This dish is superb! I certainly did not expect much but the marinade allowed the flavor to seep deep into the meat. It also comes with a vegetable side dish consisting of corn and carrots, and rice. I would highly recommend this dish and don't forget to order it when available. Every bite is juicy yet savory!

We accompanied our meals with their Four Seasons cold drink but there was nothing special to it. We specifically asked the waitress if it is a fresh juice or canned ones and they confidently reassured that it wasn't the canned variety. But when we got the chance to sip onto our drinks, though, it was the instant juice type. Sorry, not impressed with that.

On my next visit, I plan on sampling their pastries and desserts because that is what The French Baker is all about - especially the much talked about French macaroons. 

Have you tried The French Baker? Thoughts?

The French Baker is located at Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier, beside ChaTime and Krispy Kreme.

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