Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Visit to Mang Inasal

If you're wondering about the title above, it's my personal conviction to never return to any Mang Inasal branch after a terrible experience on my latest visit. It took place at their Duterte branch, something of which is the culmination of several other equally bad experiences. As much as I want to utilize this space to promote foodie destinations that I enjoyed or highly recommend, I also felt compelled to bring to anyone's attention any poor experience so I can 1) help others avoid them, and 2) use this blog as a medium to raise awareness on management to make appropriate changes.

We placed our orders for the following items: SM 1 or 1-piece chicken thigh with rice (P 59), SM 2 or two-piece pork BBQ with rice (P 59) and one serving of Pinakbet (P45). The cashier informed us that our orders will be served within 15-20 minutes. Even though I was hungry at that time, I nodded in agreement because there is nothing much I can do, right?

Within the first minute of settling in our table, the waiter served us the serving of Pinakbet we ordered. I was feeling a bit excited as I thought that the rest of our orders will be arriving soon. But when 20 minutes passed and our orders were still nowhere in sight, and when E pointed out that the other group of customers who were behind us on the line got theirs, I called out one of the waiters to follow up on the rest of orders.

A few minutes later, and when I felt my tummy grumble, that's when I decided to check my watch. To my surprise, it had been 15 minutes since I last asked the waiter to follow up on our order. I stood up and saw their staff busily preparing a bunch of take out orders. Then, I looked at the counter to find about three staffs and signaled to them to go and get our order. The cashier simply nodded but did nothing about it.

That is when I burst! I went to the counter and demanded that they serve our orders or we are leaving! Frantically, the lady behind the cash register called out to one of the waiters to bring our orders that were waiting on queue to our table. I was flabbergasted! Our orders were waiting there all along in the counter while we suffer in waiting! I also told her about the Pinakbet that they served way too early, which is now cold and unappetizing, but it seemed as though she did not hear a thing. I would have demanded to have the Pinakbet replaced or heated but I was too hungry to care at that time.

But even after about 45 minutes of waiting, it was then that I realized the food leaves me wanting and totally not worth the wait and hassle. Lesson learned? Well, I should've learned my lesson last time. Not going back to Mang Inasal Duterte branch again. And even with other branches, I am a bit skeptical. This is just one of several similar bad experiences, the others were undocumented.

What's your take on dining at Mang Inasal?

Disclaimer: I came into the restaurant as a paying customer and voicing out my opinion as one, like I do with most other entries in this blog. My goal is not to tarnish the reputation or brand of Mang Inasal but to give my honest review about the quality of their service.

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