Monday, August 5, 2013

Mango Passion from Swirls Ice Cream

Pardon my consequential posts on frozen treats and delectable desserts as of late, I've given myself the liberty to indulge. If you can remember, I previously posted about Swirls Ice Cream at SM City Davao and made mention of their "Carfait" treat and how I wanted to try it. Guess what? Not too long after I sampled their ice cream offerings, I returned and tried it!

There are a few selection of Carfait dessert treats on their menu but here is the one that I tried:

Mango Passion: This frozen treat will give you major sugar high. Here's what you'll find in every cup/serving. Several layers of the uniquely prepared vanilla ice cream from Swirls, then added with several layers of mango syrup, and more slices of fresh mango to complete the serving! Hence, you can get a good balance of the potent mango flavor from the syrup and the combination of sweetness and tartness from the real mango slices. The serving is topped off with a stemmed cherry! To be honest, I was quite impressed with the serving knowing that it's priced at only PhP 95!

They do have a few other choices on their Carfait menu but I think the Blueberry Cheesecake flavor is worth a try! Whether you're wanting to cool off from the heat or a delectable treat to your palate, this one's a winner! 

Have you tried any of Swirls Ice Cream's frozen treats yet?

Visit them at the second floor of SM City Davao, fronting SM Food Court.

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