Friday, August 23, 2013

Truffle Kremes from Krispy Kreme

Who doesn't love some Krispy Kreme? The world's most famous donut brand continues to introduce new delectable sweet treats to add into their classic lineup of old Krispy Kreme favorites. I recently had the opportunity to sample their newest offerings in-store: the Truffle Kremes. These sweet goodies are basically Krispy Kreme's version of the famous truffle dessert that packs all the sweetness you need to send you in a sugar high!

The Truffle Kremes is available at 3 pieces per box that costs P 150. Quite pricey, I must say, because that means each piece would set you back at P 50 (Heck, it's more expensive than their regular sized donuts!). But if you're really into sweets and love Krispy Kreme donuts, then it's worth a try!

There are currently 6 flavors to choose from but my favorite would have to be the Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha and Chocolate Chocolate Kreme. Other choices of flavor include Chocolate Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla Strawberry Kreme and Vanilla Chocolate Caramel. It also comes with a pretty gorgeous packaging that makes it a good idea for birthday presents!

Have you tried the Truffle Kremes from Krispy Kreme? These truffle kremes were purchased from the Krispy Kreme Abreeza branch, by the way.

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