Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gilligan's Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier

Seafood restaurants hold a place close to my heart. I am a seafood lover at heart; so when a new seafood restaurant opens its door in the city, you can count the fact that it will be in my must-try dining places. Such is the case when Gilligan's Restaurant opened a branch in Davao for the first time, courtesy of the new SM Lanang Premier. 

Early last week, I had a chance to visit their branch for a dinner treat with E. I figured it was a great opportunity to see the Skygarden for the first time (last time I went to SM Lanang was during lunchtime) and also sample a new restaurant in the city. We already had our pick before we even got there for which restaurant to dine - Gilligan's Restaurant. I did not get to try this last time I went to Manila so this is a completely new experience for me and I was very curious as to how the dining experience would turn out.

First and foremost, I loved the ambiance at Gilligan's Restaurant in SM Lanang. There were plenty of nautical design elements that E & I were easily transported to this beach restaurant setup (in our minds). Right there and then, we got even more excited to try out items off their menu.

For appetizer, we ordered the Baked Mussel (PhP 110). When it was first served on our table, I was disappointed. I was expecting a bigger serving but instead the plate had 10 meager pieces of mussels. When I took a bite, though, I was in for a surprise. Every shell was well seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and the top was coated with a beautifully melted mozzarella cheese. I loved the idea of biting into the meat of the mussel with the gooey consistency of the cheese and its lightly salty flavor providing somewhat of a neutralizing effect on the powerful flavor of the mussel

While I was scanning the menu, I got really excited about the Grilled Salmon Belly but was disappointed when I found out it is not available. Same thing goes with their Gilligan's Seafood Platter. That would have been excellent. 

Instead, we ordered the Baked Pork Belly (PhP 154) and Gilligan's BBQ Platter (PhP 185). The pork belly was excellent - it was tender and not fatty at all. The flavor seeped deep into the meat that you can savor the flavor with every bite. The BBQ Platter, on the other hand, consisted of 4 sticks each of pork barbecue and yakitori. I equally enjoyed this platter because they do not scrimp on flavor. Every bite is truly packed and your taste buds will indeed be spoiled.

By the time we got the bill, we were pleased to note that they do not have a service charge. The reason I pointed this out is because of the fact that their service is excellent. In fact, way better than other restaurants we've tried that have a service charge. And for that, they deserve two thumbs up from me! I would definitely be back here and I can't wait to treat my family for a dinner - it seems to be the perfect place for that! 

Have you tried Gilligan's Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier? I'd love to hear about your dining experience!

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  1. I've also tried this restaurant and try their 99 Peso Meals. It's a money-saver and the serving is so generous! :D

  2. i've been here last week,having a dinner with my family..i like this restaurant very much,it's money saver and a very nice place,..really really like it...


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