Friday, December 21, 2012

McDaddy’s Café: My First and Last Visit

The new Santos Building along Quirino Avenue serves as home to a few establishments including salons, retail shops, KFC, and a new coffee shop called McDaddy’s Café. I work close to this area and have passed by this building several times before and this coffee shop has captured my attention because of its great spot and seemingly relaxing ambiance. Hence, I finally gave in to that curiosity and paid them a visit for the first time.

The ambiance is typical of any coffee shop with its dim lighting, cozy sofas and chairs, and small groups of 2-3 patrons enjoying their sip of cold drinks. I instantly loved the ambiance and realized it was a better choice than KFC (which is just downstairs) to have our dinner because the spot is a lot more quiet. Plus, they do have friendly staffs that were quick to hand us the menu and accommodate our orders.

However, my disappointment rushed in as soon as our first order was served. I wasn’t up for a heavy dinner and so I opted for their cheese omelette with crispy bacon. I forgot to take note of the price but I think it cost me roughly P120 for two eggs on my omelette. First off, I expected something that is more appetizing. Wait, hear me out here, I am not expecting a gourmet kind of omelette especially given the price, but I could’ve done something better than this at home. Seriously. I could let the plating slip but definitely not the lack of flavor. Yeah, I could definitely do better than this at home!

The other dish we ordered was the Salisbury Steak. It was nothing close to other similar steaks we've tried in the past. It was only roughly PhP 90 so, again, to expect more is probably unreasonable. 

If it were any consolation, their iced tea was really good. It is nothing like the packed ones that you simply have to mix in with water. I believe they mixed it with green tea, which is obvious because the green tea aroma is there when you sip on the glass for a drink! 

But besides that, I don't see any reason to visit again. Could be that I just placed my expectations too high. But visit them for yourself to find out. 


  1. The place is really nice but it is disappointing to know the price of their meals. It is quite expensive and we could have these meals at home and it's more delicious. :D

  2. I agree. It maybe good for lounging but not sure if it's a great place if you want to be satisfied with food.


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