Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kadayawan Lunch at Penong’s

Kadayawan Festival 2012 is now history. And even though I missed the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan and Floral Float Parade, I got more than enough reminder of the Kadayawan rush from literally every corner. But because August is the birthday month for papa and ate, the family decided to have an intimate Sunday lunch instead of braving the heat and joining in on the rest of the city’s festivities.

And what could speak more about Davao food than Penong’s, right? It was papa’s decision to dine here because it is clearly his favorite. We dined at the Lanang branch. 

We ordered their Seafood Pinakbet and Kinilaw to be shared by everyone, but we each had the following orders: Pork BBQ and Chicken BBQ. Both orders entitled us to “Unlimited Rice”, although I did not get to avail of it during our several visits there. 
Free soup!

The unli rice offer is something that Penong’s popularized and several other barbeque houses caught on. Each order is priced at around PhP 80-90, which includes the unli rice option, so that is no doubt a great value for your money (esp for those who are big on rice!).

I, personally, was very full at the end of the meal. And the pinakbet was really good. If you ever get to visit Penong’s, make sure to order the seafood variety (note: this is more expensive than the pork pinakbet though, but totally worth it). Penong’s has and continues to satisfy every Davaoenos’ taste for good but affordable food. It’s no wonder they have become part of the city’s tradition.


  1. Hello Abby. Thank you very much for commenting on post about Penong's.

    I agree with what you wrote here. Penong's dishes are delicious. They also have courteous staff. I know this because I ate at Penong's one time.

  2. Their kinilaw is the Bestt!!!!!!! And they are affordable too.


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