Friday, November 9, 2012

360 Degrees Hand Shaked Milk Tea: New Fave

I've never been a fan of milk teas. But with several of these milk tea shops opening for business in the city, I figured I might finally give it a shot. The first one I tried was from Tealoca and wasn't too impressed. 

But when I tried 360 Degrees Handshake Milk Tea for the first time, it changed my mind. I had the chance to try the Choco Milk Tea and it was more or less priced at P50. Yes, fairly reasonable given how milk teas are priced much higher by other more high-end establishments. I am simply pointing out the fact that there is no reason to splurge when you can enjoy something for a lesser price without sacrificing quality.

The service was pretty fast and by the time we had paid the bill for our order, it was handed over to us. Sweet!

As for the milk tea itself, I love the smooth texture and the richness of the taste. Every gulp leaves you with the natural aroma of the tea and as you continue to sip from the straw, you can enjoy the goodness of the tapioca and egg pudding. It is a subtle flavor yet you get enough to linger on your taste buds. 

Yes, I'm not a milk tea fan, but 360 Degrees Handshake Milk Tea might have made me a convert. I should give them another shot to see if it works out. 

Are you a fan of milk teas? Where's your favorite place to get your milk tea fix?

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  1. I haven't try milk tea yet but this one sounds great, I'm more a coffee person but I have recently discovered one with apple and cinnamon which is actually great.

  2. Do u know po ba kung magkakano po if magfrafranchise?


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