Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday Dinner at Pancake House

Last Saturday, I set up a date with the boyf for a movie. Before going into the cinema, we decided to have dinner first as we intend to catch the last full show at Gaisano Mall. We had dinner at Pancake House and while this isn’t my first time to dine here, this is my first time to write a blog about my dining experience at their G-Mall branch.

Last time I was at Pancake House, I’ve tried one of their set meals. I wanted to try something different this time so I went for one of their Hearty Mains & Healthy Dishes section on the menu. The Steamed Fish in Mintsai Sauce looked very tempting in the photo and I like having Asian herbs on my cream dory, so it looked like the perfect choice for me. Sure enough, the vegetable side and the fish itself was cooked to perfection. The sauce was very aromatic – I can tell it has garlic and ginger, two of my favorite herbs! The serving already comes with its own rice, so it is a complete meal that is fully satisfying for your belly.

Meanwhile, E opted for the House Specials Set. The serving consists of a taco, meat spaghetti, and one piece chicken with gravy. To say the least, this was a truly hearty meal. I love the taco because the ingredients were fresh and there’s lots of cheese on top. I also liked the use of ground beef on the spaghetti sauce instead of the usual ground pork, which helped to bring a different kind of flavor that is quite savory to the palate.

Ironically, I have been to Pancake House a few times but haven’t given their pancakes a try. That should be something for my next visit, right? I will look forward to that!

What about you? What’s your favorite dish from Pancake House?


  1. The spag/taco/chicken combo is one of my favorites at Pancake House. I was only able to try one of their pancakes ages ago and it was also good. Nice blog! :)

    1. Thanks Raine! I will definitely give their pancakes a try soon :)

  2. Their House Specials Set looks delicious! Next time I'm dropping by Pancake House, I'll try it. :)


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