Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cafe Andessa: New Favorite Dining Spot

For the longest time, there has been one dining spot that I've been meaning to try but haven't had the chance to - Cafe Andessa. Oddly enough, this is pretty close to where I live. So, while I was around the area, I took advantage of that chance especially with the positive reviews I have read. If you are planning to dine at Cafe Andessa, best to read my review first to give you an idea on what to expect.

It was a fantastic dinner at Café Andessa and here are our orders for the night:

Asian Glazed Spareribs

This dish is priced approximately priced at PhP 200, which is a steal with it’s savory, sweet taste. Each serving comes with a reasonable amount of spareribs cut into squares to make it easier to bite into. If you are a fan of ribs, be sure to ask for this when you dine at Café Andessa. You can thank me later!

Pan Seared Fish Fillet and Basil Sauce

Being a seafood fan, I was in a tossup between the Steamed Bangus and this Pan Seared Fish Fillet for my order. But I went ahead with the pan seared fish fillet and because it was cream dory, I knew that I was going to love it. The crisp batter that coated the fish was very well seasoned. It wasn’t too thick so as to overpower the taste of the dory, yet it was enough to give every bite a crunch. However, I noticed that after some time of eating the fish, it starts to get a bit oily. It did eventually become overwhelming and the greasy feeling left on your lips is not pleasant at all. Thankfully, the dish comes with a salad with basil sauce so you can also enjoy that to cut the greasy taste left on your mouth.

Choco Banana Fritters ala Mode

Hands down – my favorite dessert to date. I’ve been trying to recall when was the last time that I felt such level of elation from eating dessert. I haven’t felt this way about dessert since Café del Sol in Boracay wherein I sampled their Mango and Oreo Cheesecake, which were both out of this world! But this one is impressive because it is simply turon, but not your average turon. And I concede that banana and chocolate are a really deadly combo! The first taste of this dessert was like an explosion of chocolatey flavor in my mouth. I love how thick the chocolate syrup is and how it made the dessert even more rich than it already is! I would go back and eat at Café Andessa just for this dessert alone. It’s that delicious! And what’s even better than that? It’s roughly PhP 65! Steal indeed

Have you tried dining at Café Andessa? If not yet, make sure to give it a try. You are missing out on one of Davao’s best dining spots! 
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