Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Merco: Davao’s Culinary Gem

Davao boasts of having many culinary destinations unique to the city, thus helping shape its culinary landscape. Many of these home-bred restaurants have come and gone but one has remained steadfast for many years now and continue to strengthen its foothold among the local patrons – Merco.

There are plenty of reasons to love Merco, whether you are a local or tourist. The simplicity and coziness of the interiors is one. Plus, you add the heart-warming service offered by their staff, which makes for a good dining experience. The affordability of their food offerings is also another factor that’ll make you want to consider dining here. This is a great compliment to the fact that they serve their customers home-cooked style meals great for snacks or full meal.

One  night, I got to visit Merco in their Quirino branch and sampled a light meal. E & I ordered the Chicken Sandwich (PhP 51) and German Hotdog, respectively. I also added Molo Soup (PhP 55) because I really enjoyed it last time I tried ordering one.

Molo Soup

This was a truly filling meal yet we paid no more than PhP 200 for a dinner for two. Well, basically, this was a light meal, but it was nothing sort of the home cooked goodness that you’d come to expect from Merco. For this reason, I expect to see them last for another decade or two.

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