Friday, February 15, 2013

Space Burger Brings Affordable Yet Delectable Burgers in Davao

I had always been a big fan of Space Burger because of the smoky and savory taste of their burger patties. According to the Space Burger ad, all of their patties are flame grilled, which is probably where they get that smoky flavor. Nonetheless, I had been enticed by their burgers because it is not only delicious but extremely affordable, too. 

Earlier last year, I had the chance to sample Hollywood Burgers wherein I've seen the biggest patty in my entire life. It is a bit pricey but totally worth it. If you're a big fan of burgers, that is the best place to indulge. Another favorite is Al's Diner. It was originally located at Ponciano Reyes St. and is my go-to option for quality yet affordable burgers. One time, I heard they had the biggest burger available in Davao City. Sadly, I found out that they were closed when I went to visit them sometime last year. 

Thus, Space Burger is the sole surviving burger joint that I go back to whenever I get that craving. There is nothing fancy about the bun - the patty is the real star in their burgers. Aside from the regular Space Burger that is reasonably priced at PhP 62, you can get more options from their menu.  

My go-to favorites are the Mushroom Burger Melt (PhP 79) and Bacon Burger Melt (PhP 79 - pictured here). Both of these burgers come with 1/4 pound Australian beef patty that is flame grilled to allow the juices to come out and the natural lean quality of the meat to be left behind. Hence, it is all savory and not fatty at all. Aside from the patty, each burger comes with crunchy lettuce, onions, and condiments like mayo, catsup or mustard. Naturally, you can get a crispy slice of bacon or sliced button mushrooms on top, if you pick any of the two burgers mentioned above.

Space Burger has been and will always be my number one choice of burger house in Davao. There are several branches, too, which makes their burgers easily accessible to the locals wherever you may be.

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  1. I always pass by a Space Burger branch when I get to work in the morning, maybe I should give one (or two) of their burgers a try tonight.


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