Sunday, November 4, 2012

Classic Savory at SM Lanang Premier

It's been almost a month since SM Lanang Premier opened its doors to the public and I haven't had the chance to pay it a visit until last Friday. It was the perfect opportunity to do so because 1) it was a holiday, and 2) me and my family needed to cool off after paying granny a visit at San Pedro Memorial Park. 

We arrived at SM Lanang Premier just in time for lunch and so we quickly scanned the third floor to see where we can satisfy our hungry bellies. I was a bit disappointed to see that only a few dining places have opened and most were packed during that particular lunchtime. We opted to settle in at Classic Savory. This isn't my first time to dine at Classic Savory but it has been a long time since I last did at the SM City Davao branch almost a year ago.

As for our orders, we had the Spinach and Seafood Soup (PhP 185) to start off the meal. This soup is made out of spinach puree, minced seafood, and vegetables. It was a truly hearty and savory way to kick off the meal.

We ordered two servings of the Savory Fried Rice (PhP 180 each) to be shared by everyone. My nephew seem to love this fried rice, which consists of green peas, Chinese sausage, and bits of the Savory Chicken. 

For our main orders, we had the Long Life Pancit Canton (PhP 185). Mom wasn't too impressed with this one, she said she can do a better job. Haha. But it wasn't the best part of the meal, although I do appreciate the fact that it comes with a generous serving of vegetables and seafood.

Of course, you can't go to Classic Savory without trying their Savory Chicken. Because we were a huge group, we opted to go for the Whole Classic Savory Chicken (PhP 335). I love the subtle taste on the chicken meat and the aroma. Very well cooked! 

We each had a glass of Four Seasons iced tea to freshen up during the meal. And given that it was really hot outside, I felt totally rejuvenated with every gulp of the iced tea.

Classic Savory has been in the industry for years. When it first arrived in Davao a few years ago, and two new branches thereafter, it is no doubt an exciting culinary addition into the culinary landscape of the city.

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