Friday, November 22, 2013

Dexter's Shawarma Pizza

Shawarma is the Middle Eastern cuisine's version of sandwich that consists of a meat preparation ranging from a wide range of meats including beef, lamb or chicken. The meat is placed on a vertical spit wherein the meat is shaved off and then combine with other ingredients (normally vegetables and other toppings) and then wrapped with pita bread. Most shawarmas are thoroughly seasoned so you can experience the potency of the meat mixture with every bite. I had been a huge fan of shawarma ever since I had one since I had one. Middle Eastern cuisine is also a favorite.

But when I heard about Dexter's Shawarma Pizza, it struck me as odd first. Really? Shawarma in a pizza? Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine does not seem to be two that would work together well. But I was dead wrong.

When I visited one of many Dexter's Pizza branches in the city, I was confused as to what to order and so I let the waiter recommend something for me. Of course, you've got to go for the best-seller. He said it's the Shawarma Pizza. Okay.

The first bite was a lovely treat. I did not expect Dexter's Pizza to deliver good quality pizzas prior to this visit. For a large-sized pizza worth P230, I'd say it was not a bad choice. You have two other choices for the pizza size: P130 for the small pizza and P285 for the party size. By the time of our visit, there were no small sizes available so we only had large as a choice.

The seasoning on the beef shawarma topped on our pizza was good although I wish there would've been more meat. The shawarma sauce also does a lot to enhance the flavor of the meat and the pizza sauce. However, don't expect too highly of the quality of the dough. It tasted like the store-bought kind and tend to be slightly thicker and chewy in texture.

Nonetheless, I loved it enough to want to try it again soon. Even though I prefer an Italian-style pizza (Dexter's is Filipino style), I still left feeling quite satisfied. Have you tried Dexter's Shawarma Pizza?

Dexter's Pizza has branches in Camus St., Ecoland, and Claveria St. Davao City.

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