Sunday, November 3, 2013

Majid's Kabab's Ox Brain

Ox brain. The thought of it alone might make you cringe, but what about eating one? If you have been to Majid's Kabab more than once before, you probably know by now that they do have Ox Brain on the menu. And I might surprise a few people by proclaiming that it's one of my favorites at Majid's. But let me reassure you that that is about as daring as I can get when it comes to food. 

The first time I tried Ox Brain was borne out of curiosity. But since tasting it for the first time, I had been hooked. And almost every visit at Majid's Kabab, you will find this dish on my table. I even surprised myself at how I've come to love this dish. First off, the texture is rather squishy and very soft. I am normally very particular about texture in my food and squishy stuffs are a no-no in my book. But I guess the flavor won me over because it comes with a savory taste to it yet subtle too. It does have its pungent smell, though, so I make sure to never forget to drizzle it with the lemon juice before eating to dilute the smell and flavor a bit.

That is not the best part about Majid Kabab's Ox Brain. It is also very affordable at about less than P50 a serving. 

Are you daring enough to try the Ox Brain?

Majid's Kabab is located at Rizal St., Davao City.

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  1. Oh gosh, ox brain? Well that's kind of fun to eat with friends. Will try if we have time! Nice post :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  2. This looks so yummy.

    Have a wonderful day.



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