Friday, November 23, 2012

Tales from Dimsun Diner

When it comes to Asian Fusion/Chinese restaurants, Mandarin Tea Garden has been a top choice for me. Their noodle soups are the best there is and I even blogged about my favorite post-workout meal here and chronicled my numerous visits to their branches here. But one night, feeling hungry from work, I opted to give Dimsun Diner a try, just for the sake of it. A new environment, new dining options... and hopefully a better dining experience.

The meal started off with a great appetizer in Crabstick Siomai. I haven't tried this before and I love crabs so I figured, "why not give it a try?". The three-piece serving costs approximately PhP 60 (if my memory serves me right), which is well worth it given the thick slice of crabstick that you can treat your taste buds to with every bite.

On this particular visit, I ordered the Curry Squid because I've been trying to eat seafood as much as I can. Plus, I love squid so that gives me another reason to give it a shot! It turned out to be a great choice for me - the squid meat is very tender and well seasoned. The curry sauce is also not too overpowering, which helps to complement the natural rich taste of the squid meat. Forgot to take a tab on how much this order cost, but I would think it was somewhere between PhP 80-90. 

For comparison's sake, we also tried ordering the Beef Wanton Noodle Soup at Dimsum Diner. Just to be clear, I am not being biased here just because I have professed that Mandarin Tea Garden's Beef Wanton Noodle Soup is my favorite, but Dimsum Diner's own version just does not hold a candle to it.  The soup stock alone offers a major difference. Mandarin's is well seasoned and savory, whereas this one is rather on the bland side. Another major difference is also in the noodles itself. Mandarin's version is the homemade type with thin yet firm noodles that make every mouthful truly filling.

Finally, we also had their Cold Taho. E loves taho, so this was a no-brainer. A little too expensive for the taho I might've been used to, but totally worth it. 

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