Sunday, June 16, 2013

Barbecue Boss is The Boss!

Davao folks are in love with their barbecue. Indeed, you can find barbecue joints at nearly every corner of the city - from Penong's to BBQ Bob to Barbecue Boss, each of these restaurants have their unique appeal that suits the taste of our local barbecue lovers. I, myself, am guilty of the fact that I do get occasional craving for barbecue-d and grilled items that I have dined at Barbecue Boss more times than I can recount.

The primary reason why Barbecue Boss, like BBQ Bob, is a favorite of mine is because it offers quality grilled items for a reasonable cost. The most popular grilled item on Barbecue Boss' menu is their Pork Barbecue. And admittedly, a personal favorite of mine! Where else in Davao can you get a stick of pork barbecue for only PhP 6? The best thing about their barbecue is that it is made of pure lean meat, meaning no fat that most of us end up not wanting to eat anyway. However, when you order the pork barbecue, you need to get a minimum of 5 pieces. Not a problem! I bet you will enjoy their pork barbecue so much that you'd end up wanting more after consuming all 5 sticks!

Meanwhile, it was a rainy night when we recently dined at Barbecue Boss so I thought I'd go for one of their soup dishes. Sinigang Bangus sounded the perfect choice because I am a huge fan of this dish. Their version of this dish was nothing short of excellent. The tartness of the soup is just right. Plus, I appreciate that there were several slices of bangus to go with this dish along with the vegetables. Not bad for a soup dish priced at only PhP 65!

Lastly, we ordered a single stick of Isol. Don't ask me what this is about. I didn't get to taste it because it's not the most delectable part of a chicken. But E told me that the meat is juicy and well seasoned. You can try it for yourself and a stick will cost you PhP 25.

Barbecue Boss is a good option for those looking for affordable barbecue in Davao. My only qualm is that their service is a bit inconsistent - some of the waiters/waitresses are not too attentive to customer orders. Thankfully, our waiter was extra attentive on our recent visit so we got our orders quickly and stepped off their restaurant feeling happy and satisfied about our meal.

Barbecue Boss has branches in Matina Town Square, Quirino Ave., and Damosa Lanang.

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