Friday, January 6, 2012

Mooon Cafe: Mexican-Inspired Restaurant

Taco Boy, a small Mexican food stall at the mall, was my favorite few years back. Yes, I do have occasional cravings for Mexican food, especially tacos. I like ones with lots of salsa (esp ground beef), onions, and cheese. However, there was never really one true restaurant in Davao that you can call “Mexican” so I always trusted that food stall to satisfy my cravings for anything Mexican.

Until... Abreeza opened and Mooon Cafe opted to open a branch in this new mall. They do not solely serve Mexican foods, however, because the menu offers a wide selection of international cuisine. Last New Year's Eve, I had a chance to experience their cuisine and one that I would highly recommend!

For our order, we tried their best seller Mooon Steak. This is a sizzling pork steak that comes served with its own gravy sauce and mixed vegetables on the side. This is affordably priced at PhP 185, which is an excellent value for its price. Plus, the meat is well cooked and extremely tender to the bite.

We also had Chicken Mozarella Melt, which is breaded chicken that is deep fried. It also comes with a fresh tomato mixture, wherein the tartness coming from the tomato provides a good contrast with the saltiness of the breaded chicken and cheese. This one is available for PhP 175.

Finally, we had Hawaiian Pizza for PhP 150. This is a ten-inch pizza that comes with a soft crust and topped with ham, pineapple, and LOTS of cheese!

Want to try eating Mexican? You can never go wrong with Mooon Cafe. It is an affordable fare that does not compromise on quality food and service. Two thumbs up!

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