Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zabadani: Now At The Peak!

My mind still carries vivid thoughts of that tiny nook in Rizal St. that Zabadani used to call home. I didn't really hold high expectations from Zabadani then, especially since it emerged at a time wherein Davao went through what was basically a coffee shop craze (seriously, there were a chockload of coffee shops opening in nearly every part of the city). So... what could make Zabadani special? 
Zabadani at Gaisano Mall's The Peak

Boy was I in for some surprise. The layered coffee they served were generous in portions and very affordable! It was the only one in Davao. And so, I was really thankful to my friend for introducing me to Zabadani. Ever since then, I've been a loyal patron and still is today. 

When I learned that Zabadani Cafe is opening a branch at the Peak in Gaisano Mall, I couldn't help but gleam with pride and joy knowing that I got to see how it started and grown to what it is today. The dedication that Wadi puts into every dish he serves to his customers is probably one reason why people keep coming back here. And they will no doubt create a new breed of customers as those who get to sample Zabadani's cuisine for the first time will surely get themselves hooked. 

Zabadani Menu
If you haven't been to Zabadani Cafe at the Peak, be sure to visit them when you get the chance. They have an updated menu and you can also avail of new promos that Wadi, the owner, has in store for his patrons (esp. the loyal Zabbers!). 

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  1. Please write more posts about Zabadani. The first time I heard the name, I felt there's something unique and something special that I can't explain. And also post more photos of the ambiance, food, the tables and chairs - and also the comfort room if you may.


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