Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Golden Brown Offers Home Cooked Goodness

I'm rarely seen dining at Filipino cuisine restaurants, or those offering lutong bahay dishes, because my mantra for dining out is basically to try out food items I don't get to eat at home. Having been blessed to have a mom who isn't only into cooking but is actually good at it, I'd like to believe that I got it covered when it comes to enjoying quality homemade, Filipino dishes. But it does not mean that I don't appreciate when I get to eat out and uncover culinary offerings that are as good as, or even better than, mom's. Golden Brown is definitely a contender in that regard.

It's hard to miss Golden Brown when you pass by Duterte St. because your senses will surely be captivated by the aroma of the roasted chicken and pork liempo. However, this is more than just a take out counter. If you dare to go inside, there is a small restaurant that accommodates more or less 12 tables. The ambiance is unassuming - just a calm and secluded place to dine in. Thankfully, the place is clean and well kept to ensure that you can have an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience. One more thing that I appreciate about Golden Brown is the fact that they do have an extensive selection on the menu - from grilled and roasted items, to vegetables, to seafoods. Even their dessert selection is aplenty!

When dining at Golden Brown, it is a must to try either their liempo or roasted chicken. Hence, we went with the former and you can get a serving good for roughly 2-3 people. What I love about their pork liempo is that it does not scrimp on flavor. Every bite is packed with seasoning! The exterior is also crunchy to the bite so you can get a combination of crunchy and savory. 

Then, we had one of their vegetable dishes - Pinakbet. If you love veggies, you are going to enjoy this dish. Love that they were not too liberal on the shrimp paste. It was just enough so you can get a hint of the flavor but not too much to leave you feeling embarrassed of your breath thereafter. And check out those huge slices of veggies, too!

I had dined here more times than I can remember or make a note of. And the reason behind that is simple - they offer quality food within a reasonable price range. If you dine here, it is best to go with a group because their dishes come in large servings!

Golden Brown is located along Duterte St., beside Bagobo Hotel. 

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