Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cure for Rainy Days

The southwest monsoon brought lots of heavy rain and cloudy days to Davao city over the past week. One night, in particular, I got stuck in the heavy rain and instead of trying to join in on the rush, I decided to drop by Grub Resto Café for a while as I wait for the rain to subside.

When the waiter handed out the menu, my initial thought was to order something that was perfect for the weather outside. At the same time, I wanted to try out something that I haven’t sampled before. It must have been my lucky day as my order, Chicken Pastel, meets both criteria.

Grub's Chicken Pastel
Glimpse at ingredients

The dish itself is a soup made with cuts from the chicken thigh, carrots, potato, and mushrooms in a warm and aromatic soup stock. It is then topped with mashed potato along with a sprinkle of chopped parsley.

This dish totally won me over, but E wasn’t such a big fan. He thought it was just like a tinolang manok but I insist a gourmet version of the said dish. Ha! He also thinks it’s a little too overpriced for the size of the serving.

Hence, he opted for his favorite – Grub Spaghetti with Meatballs. Both dishes are priced at PhP 150.

Something Extra…

For all of those who wish to help out in the relief efforts for flood victims in Luzon, make sure to coordinate with the appropriate officials using the following numbers:

NDRRMC: (02) 911-1406; (02) 912-2665; (02) 912-5668

RED CROSS: 143; (02) 911-1876; (02) 527-0000

You can also send your donations by texting RED 5, 25, 50, 100, or 300 to 2899 (for GLOBE) or 4143 (for Smart). The denominations represent the amount of money you wish to donate to the victims.

You can visit this link to find out where you can drop off your donations or other relief goods. Stay safe, everyone!



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