Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rego's Cafe Opens at The Peak

When in search of the best pasta in Davao, you can depend on Rego’s CafĂ© to deliver. Since a colleague introduced me to Rego’s, it has been my favorite and one of my go-to places to eat. It was located in Valencia Corporate Center in Arellano St. near Central Bank, which is outside our usual route, so getting there usually takes effort and planning beforehand. But this is something that we’d gladly take on just to experience their delectable pasta dishes.

Hence, it was a welcome surprise when I saw the tarp on one of the then-under renovation spot at Gaisano Mall’s The Peak and it had Rego’s name on it. When we returned there last Friday, we realized that they’ve already opened. We did not think twice about dining there because it has been a while, too, since we last did.

First off, I got to note the ambiance that looks very warm and playful. It somehow managed to recreate the same cozy atmosphere they had from their former and original branch.

The meal started off with their Chicken Caesar & Cranberries. We ordered solo for PhP 130, which isn’t the best Caesar’s salad I had (which was surprising since I was blown away the last time I ordered this same salad from Leafy Green Things before) but the cranberries redeemed it for me. 

We also had Rego’s Porked Bellies for PhP 135. This is one of many value meals offered on their menu wherein you can also get a glass of iced tea to go with your order. And of course, you can’t go to Rego’s without trying out their pasta. I went with Merlot’s Pasta, which is priced at PhP 195 for a regular size (there's solo and family, too). This is my favorite part of the meal. The tanginess from the marinara sauce gave this dish a kick to it. Plus, the Hungarian sausage and basil helped render additional layers of flavor into the pasta dish.

Rego's Porked Bellies
Merlot's Pasta

We went home full and satisfied that night. What a way to reward ourselves after a tiring work week!

Note: Pardon the quality of the photos as they were taken only using my Nokia phone. I'll try to go back soon and get more quality photos!

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  1. I also went there and gotta love their Pasta Primavera! :D


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