Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trellis N Vines

On March 30, the boyf and I had planned to have our dinner at Barrio Bistro in Bo. Obrero because I had been reading a lot of blogs about it and it really piqued my interest. Unfortunately, the place was exclusive for a party during our visit so we found ourselves looking for another place to dine instead. Thankfully, Torres St. is just close by and so we immediately headed there in search for a place to satisfy our palate and hungry tummies.

We went to the Davao Convention Center complex because there is a long line of restaurants to choose from. We wanted to try Ranch & Reef but it was jam-packed so it was not even an option for that particular night. There was Nonki and we have already tried it before so we wanted to opt for something new. Then we spotted Trellis N Vines and I immediately dragged E there.

Upon entering this cozy little restaurant, one thing that I immediately noticed was how beautiful the ambiance was. It was predominantly yellow and bright colors that I ended up telling E that I would definitely try out this place again with friends. I noticed that they had some excellent patrons, too – not the usual rowdy crowd that I encountered in a lot of dining places here in Davao.

The waiter was also quick to greet us and lead us to our table. I noticed that there was a huge selection of items on their menu… which is good for those with a discriminating taste bud so you can pick one that you like best. For this dinner, E ordered the Vietnamese fried chicken while I went for the beef broccoli. I was tempted to order the crepe for dessert but put that off because I have yet to see their serving….

We did not have to wait for too long either for our food to arrive, and I was glad I did not place my order for dessert yet because the servings were humongous. I think each order was good for 2-3 people, so I quickly thought to myself that this place could really be perfect for a group of friends or families. The Vietnamese fried chicken came with its own dip with (I suppose) Vietnamese herbs and spices. It was spicy indeed so I did not even give it a try… The dip was not necessary anyways because the fried chicken was well marinated and tasted real excellent. My beef broccoli was just as excellent, too. The beef was tender when I tried to cut through it with a knife. The tenderness of the beef provided a nice contrast to the crunchiness of the broccoli… I think they just blanched it and not cooked it along with the beef, which is perfect!

We were both very full after that dinner and yet we were unable to finish all of our orders. The bill was very reasonable and I am really quite happy about this dining experience. Looking forward to dining there again, with friends this time…


  1. Ambiance, to me, is important. No matter how delicious the food is but the place is crowded and lots of noises here and there, I still dislike it. I want a place that is quiet, comfortable and the service is good and thanks a lot for this recommendation, I will hop in to this and will order the one that you've eaten.

    Just wish you have included the price.

  2. Yes, Dean, my bad. But the price range for food in their menu is between 150-300. That is a really good price for their servings, which is good for 2-3 people already.


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