Monday, May 2, 2011

Zabadani: New on the Menu

It has been over a month since I last visited Zabadani - my favorite kabab and Persian dining place in Davao (Majid's Kabab is a close second!). And I am glad I did because I know Wadi (the owner) does not disappoint with his culinary offerings. I tried something new on their menu, but when I opted for the Chuck Asparagus, Wadi says it was unavailable at that time. So, I opted for their Minty Fish Roast instead (diet says only fish or veggies are suited for dinner).

Oh boy, was I happy with my pick! Wadi says he used blue marlin because dory was not available at that time. But it was roasted to perfection with bits of rosemary and pepper sprinkled on top. The meat was also very juicy and tasty - just the way I like it! I'm not really a fan of blue marlin before this (I prefer salmon and dory), but my taste buds can't argue with me! I recommend all of you try it too!


  1. Hey Abi. Been looking for a new Persian Resto here in Davao, is their kebab better than Madjids? I hope they serve lamb kebabs!

  2. Looks delicious. For how much?

  3. Dean, I think this one is at PhP 150. I forgot to mention it in the post, sorry. But I'm pretty sure it is around that price range.

  4. Hey! I'm not sure if they serve lamb kebabs, but they have beef, fish, and shrimps. :) I think you'd love it - excellent!

  5. Hi Ms. Gail, alhamdulillah og nasatisfy ani nga food imo preference :) --- ayaw kalimot sa open house ha next month, unta maka attend mo ana.

    btw, wala pa mi mutton karon pero, inshaAllah, dunay a day or two in a month nga available ang mutton, kinahanglan man gud mopurchase gyud og whole live sheep :)

    shukran (thank you in arabic)


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