Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swirls Ice Cream at SM City Davao

Frozen desserts always bring back memories of childhood. There is something about ice cream and sundaes that makes me feel like a child. Hence, I can't deny that there are times that I give into my cravings and treat myself to a scoop of my favorite ice cream or gelato whenever I get the chance. And as a self-confessed foodie, I make it my mission to explore new offerings like Swirls Ice Cream in SM City Davao.

Image via SM City Davao Twitter
A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from SM City Davao's official Twitter account making a mention of a new ice cream shop opening business to all visitors of the said mall. When I went to SM last weekend, I was determined to give it a try.

Swirls Ice Cream in SM City Davao is the latest in over 30 branches of the franchise nationwide. They opened their business to the public last July. Hence, Davaoenos who have frequent cravings for frozen treats will surely have their fill without spending too much.

Indeed, you can get your own Swirls Ice Cream for as low as P49 (for each 8 oz. serving). But they do have plenty of choices available on the menu, depending on how you'd like to enjoy your ice cream. Their ice cream, for instance, is available in three cup sizes and prices vary according to the size selected. Aside from the 8 oz., you can get the 12 oz. cups (P 69) and 16 oz. cups (P 85).

They also use real vanilla beans in producing their ice cream mixture that results in a very thick and creamy ice cream, and never too sweet. However, I was slightly disappointed when I got my order for Very Rocky Road. It was nothing at all like pictured on their menu. Yes, I hear that they are priced affordably, so I can't complain if there aren't too many ingredients stuffed in there, but I would appreciate that they charge a little bit for the add-ons than be deceived by what is advertised.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to try their "Carfait". I saw it on the menu and looked tempting. Hopefully, they're as good on the actual serving because I can't wait to give it a try.

Have you tried Swirls Ice Cream yet?

Swirls Ice Cream is located at 2/F of SM City Davao, right in front of the SM Food Court.

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  1. Abigail, thanks so much for visiting my blog :-) hope to see you around more often. I love anykind of ice cream, that is really my weakness hahaha. I never had philipines cuisine before, is it alot different from china food?

  2. Hello! :D

    You have to try their Mud Spinner. It's the one that I ordered. It's a YUM! :D

    here's my blog entry too..


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