Friday, July 12, 2013

The French Baker Pastry Treats

It does not matter if you have naturally sweet tooth or you are looking for a delectable way to end a meal, no one can refuse a good pastry treat! And for those on the hunt for quality, authentic Parisian pastry treats, there is no better place to turn to than The French Baker. On my first visit, I was unable to give their pastry treats a try because I went for a full meal. But on my recent trip there, I was determined to give those delicious desserts a bite into.

The peach danish pastry was unbelievably good. I rarely get to treat myself to Danish pastry because, after all, not too many pastry shops or bakeries in Davao offer authentic ones. But with French Baker, I knew that it's one of their specialties so I gave it a try. The dough in itself was fluffy, flaky and buttery but not too sweet. Not really a big fan of peach yet I ended up liking this anyway. You can order the Peach Danish pastry for roughly PhP 65.

I'd like to apologize that I forgot to make a note of what this next pastry treat is called. It is too cute and appetizing that I was so excited to dig in. This was nothing like I've tried before. The outside is a bit flaky and comes with a bite, but the inside is soft, almost goo-ey in consistency. This isn't sweet though, but more creamy and buttery. If you want to try it, a piece costs more or less PhP 40.

Have you tried any of The French Baker's pastry treats? 

The French Baker is located at the G/F of SM Lanang Premier beside ChaTime and Krispy Kreme.

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  1. I miss dining at The French Baker! Looking at these yummy pastries, I would love to treat my family at their MOA branch very soon! :)


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