Meet the Foodie

A self-confessed foodie, my fondness for food dates back to my childhood years when I first got to taste mom's home cooking. I would spend my childhood years watching her bake or cook in the kitchen and dreamed of acquiring even the slightest of her cooking skills when I grow up. Until today though, at 25, I am still practicing (but thankfully, I am getting better at it!). When my own cooking skills could not satisfy my love for food, I turned to dining out at some of my favorite restaurants to satisfy my palate. 

On a larger scale, food trip is more than just a hobby to me. It is a learning experience. I get to experience different cultures and places as I explore new cuisines. Someday, I plan on traveling the world and experiencing all of the culinary adventures each place has to offer. But I will take it one step at a time. 

Champagne, anyone?
My customary food trip partner XD

Starting in my very own Davao.. Let us experience Davao food and cuisines together - one plate at a time. 

Abby xo


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog. I just moved in to the city and I've been looking for good restaurants to try, and stumbling upon your blog came just in time.

  2. getting to know Davao one restaurant at a time...thanks for your postings :)

  3. Hi Abby! Going to Davao this weekend and stumbled upon your blog. As a food blogger myself I am so excited to try the foodie scene in Davao!

  4. Hi! Btw, thanks to this informative blog. I have tried some good place to dine in which are not featured in your blog. It would be nice to feature them. :)


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